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we could just look at stars ♥

A fan throws what appears to be maybe a rose? But Harry was only able to catch the plastic wrap. 17/08/14

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so this happened


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 Attempting the Guinness World record for the tallest toilet paper tower stacked in 30 seconds. With the number to beat being 28, they failed miserably. 

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cuddling with luke would definitely be him insisting on being the little spoon and you trying, but he’s so tall and it’s slightly awkward and uncomfortable and you can already feel your arm falling asleep so you grumble and turn around and like two minutes later there’s a shift in the mattress and luke is wrapping his arms around you and burying his face into the crook of your neck, lazily pressing a kiss and breathlessly mumbling a goodnight.

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"He smirked as I kissed him again, the cold lip ring pushed into my lip.

I ran my hands up his chest and grazed my nails back down it. ‘You’re such a dick.’ I hissed in his ear as my fingertips trailed all the way down to his waistline.

He seemed to enjoy it, kissing me more forcefully before slamming his crotch into mine. His hands slipped under my shirt, climbing up to my chest as I gripped onto his belt buckle to tease him. I undid his belt in one quick movement, and his breath hitched in his throat as I popped his button and moved my fingers to his flyer.

‘D-Do it.’ he groaned as I took my time with the zip. ‘Or else what, baby?’ I cooed in his ear. He moaned out loud, frustrated as I held back just to make him writhe in my control.”


‘Do I intimidate you?’ he asked in a low growl.

‘No.’ I replied quickly, but it was an obvious lie.

‘Really?’ He was enjoying my squirming in the tight grasp his words held me in.

‘You don’t.’ I confirmed, becoming irritated.

‘Prove it.’

I glared at him, my fists in balls as my back remained pressed against the wall of this dark corridor. His sparkling apple-green eyes danced in delight under the streak of moonlight seeping through a single window above the stairs.

‘Prove it.’ He smirked with all his might, loving my frustration.

I suddenly raised my hand, all set to slap him hard. I released the tension, but his strong fingers caught my wrist before I made contact.

There was a moment when he glared straight into my eyes in fury, but I broke the gaze as I looked at his plump pouted lips. Before I knew what I was doing I kissed him hard

And he didn’t pull back.”

if I had to my tour experience in one picture this is it (14.8.14 Lincoln Financial FIeld) x

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Philadelphia - 14/08

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You don´t realize how much you are in love with Ashton Irwin until you wish you were a Toblerone bar.

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